German news and television ideologically supporting terrorists?

Russia Today is reporting that “Any foreigner suspected of aiding terrorist or extremist groups will be banned from entering Russia, according to a new bill prepared by lawmakers representing parliamentary majority party United Russia. “. It is to hope that other countries will adopt similiar laws.

In Germany we are unluckily going into the opposite direction:

German newspapers and television started calling terrorist groups rebels or insurgents! As an example Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly known as Al-Nusra Front which is nothing else but al-Qaeda in Syria) is one of the main terror groups active in East Ghuta, near Damascus.

Just as a reminder: al-Qaeda is one of the major and most ruthless terror groups in the world. They were responsible for the January 2015 attack in Paris killing 17 and wounding 22 and the March 2004 attack in Madrid killing 191 and injuring more than 1800.

Could you imagine the news calling these terror attacks “Islamic rebels attack Paris” or “Islamic insurgents uprising in Madrid” ? I cannot!